Possum Traps - A Humane Solution To A Problem Pest

Possum live traps provide property owners with a humane solution for getting rid of a common and stubborn pest without causing the animal harm or causing any unintentional damage both to the environment and other wildlife. Be sure to check if a permit is required for trapping possums in your area before using this method.

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Although they don’t cause any physical harm to humans and their pets, possums can be a big problem when they intrude into your home or property. The small mammals can wreak havoc outdoors by destroying gardens as they feed on decorative plants, vegetables, flowers and fruit trees.

If they manage to gain access into your house, possums can chew on electrical cables creating serious fire hazards that can turn disastrous. Their excrements could also be a source of foul smell within the house making it uncomfortable to live in. Additionally, possums could have smaller pests on their fur coats such as fleas and ticks which they could spread to your home.

Possum movements in attics, basements or crawl spaces can also cause noise disturbance – farther adding to the inconveniences of possum infestations.

Live traps to control possums

Possum traps enable you to capture stubborn possums safely and keep them in captivity until you can relocate them away from the crime scene and release them back to the wild. This can be especially useful if there’re laws prohibiting the killing of possums such as those in most Australian states.

There’re four main benefits for using live traps to control a possum infestation. These are:

1. It’s easy to do. Hiring the services of a professional pest exterminator can cost a pretty penny. Live possum traps are very easy to use and generally come with easy-to-follow guides to help users set them up at home. As such, you can do the pest control yourself and save yourself some money while getting the same results as enlisting the help of a pest control expert.

2. Safety. With any pest control solution, safety for both the user and untargeted third parties is of paramount importance to ensure there aren’t any unintended consequences. Live possum traps have no harmful effects for humans or other untargeted wildlife. If an untargeted animal happens to get caught in the trap, they’ll not suffer any harm and can be released easily.

3. Effectiveness. Possum traps are one of the most effective ways of getting rid of stubborn possums. All you need to do for maximum effectiveness is to ensure that you set adequate traps for the size of the area you want to protect, and that you use effective bait such as canned dog or cat food. The best traps have mechanisms to ensure the possum cannot access the bait while still outside the trap.

4. Humane. While annoying in the wrong environment, possums are still an important part of the ecosystem. It’s therefore important that the animals are not harmed during their removal from areas where they are not wanted. Live possum traps are designed with this intention and have features that ensure that the trapped animal remains safe until it’s eventually released back to the wild.

5. Eco-friendly. Trapping as a possum control method produces minimum negative impact to the environment. There’s no use of harsh chemicals that could harm plants or animals in this control method. And unlike poison baiting, there is no risk of killing other wildlife or pets accidentally.

Where they are unwanted, possums can turn into irritating and potentially dangerous pests. Possum traps provide a control solution that is easy to use, safe, effective, and above all, humane.




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