Moving to Online Selling: Top Tips

Selling products and services online is a complicated process. Most people are mistaken in believing that they simply need to build and launch a website and then the sales will start to roll in. The truth is that there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring that a website is successful and once that is in place, sales will start to take off. Here are some top tips that you should consider if you want to sell online:

1. Build your brand up so that is a trusted online brand. Online shoppers look for websites that they know and trust and once you have their trust you must work to keep it. Trust is something that you build with every interaction that you have with a customer. Ask customers for their testimonials if they are happy, add them together with reviews to your website, always over deliver and only provide accurate information on your website.

2. Ensure that your website supports all types of devices. Your customers don’t consider the differences between surfing the net using a tablet, desktop, laptop or mobile and you shouldn’t either. You need to ensure that your customers have a flawless experience on your website, no matter what device they are using.

3. Establish a strategy for ecommerce and stick to it. Decide on the range of products that you will stock (do you specialize in one product or do you sell a wider range of many products?)

4. Choose an ecommerce software that works well for you so that you can accept online payments. Once you have your ecommerce system established you can put your focus into marketing.

5. Provide outstanding customer service. Always put the needs of your customers first in all of the things that your business does from the products that you sell, to a fully functional and user-friendly website and delivery of products.

6. Encourage the very first purchase from you online and then repeat business.  If you want to be successful you want people to move from knowing nothing about you to visiting your website, making inquiries, completing their first order, repeating the purchase in the future. Don’t keep your entire focus on that first order, repeat business is the way to find success. This can be accomplished by offering a subscription order that is repeated monthly or at another specific frequency.

7. Create an Outstanding Experience for your customer. You want to get your delivery strategy right from the price that you charge for your products to the delivery time and the appearance of the packaging. Consider investing some money into this so that you get it right for your customers.

8. Add tracking codes to your website. Some customers will come to your site, look at products, add it to the cart and then not check out. Tracking codes can monitor which products are sitting dormant in a cart and then encourage people to check out by offering discounts or incentives.

9. Continue optimizing the online shopping experience for your customers. Have a policy of constantly optimizing every area of your website to make it work well and then make it better. Consider every aspect of your website to be in test mode and continue to work on it.

10. Every product that you sell should have its own page complete with a unique description. Never use the exact description provided by the manufacturer if you are selling products that you don’t personally create. User reviews of the products that you sell will provide more unique content for each product and will also help to encourage people to buy it.

11. Make sure that your shopping cart system is easy to use and direct. If there are multiple pages and areas to click before being able to add something to the cart and complete the payment, people tend to abandon their cart and leave your site.

12. When customers complete their transaction send them an email several weeks after their purchase to ask them for a review. Offer an incentive to them for their product review, whether it is a discount coupon or a giveaway of some type.

13. Use analytics on your web page to discover how people are consuming your sales page. This can reveal what they are clicking on, how far they scroll down and whether they go to the check out page. Monitoring searches on your site may reveal a demand for products that you don’t sell if people are misspelling product names.

14. Ensure that your website is fast. Every second that your page takes to load can mean the loss of a customer. Your page should load in about 3 seconds. You can monitor the speed of your site with Google Analytics.

15. Create product review videos that can assist in driving up the conversion rate because it allows people to see the product up close.

16. Have a blog where you discuss the range of products you carry, offers and discounts and new products that you will carry soon.

17. Product page layout – don’t worry about providing too much information about a product on a single page. Break up the text with more bold headings and add in several ‘buy now” buttons that are easy to see and find. Add the product image, a description of the product, specifications, reviews, user ratings, a product video, images of people using the product, a downloadable PDF manual and warranty and shipping information.

18. Offer your customers options such as a sign up for your newsletter, clips from your blog pages and follow buttons for Facebook and Instagram.

19. Split test your product page – have two pages that traffic is driven to and change each page up slightly. Determine which page sells more products.

20. Ensure that the design of your checkout page looks trustworthy. If you want people to buy from you, the design needs to have a professional appearance.

Also, have your website tested and reviewed by mystery shoppers. This is excellent feedback from real people which you can use to fine tune your website.

Ecommerce is a business where you constantly must improve your website and make sure that everything is running correctly. If customers can’t easily find products or check out once they find what they want, you can end up losing a lot of business.


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