DIY vs. Professional Rodent Control: Compared

When you discover that you have a rodent problem, your first reaction may be to pick up the phone and call a local pest control company. For most people, calling a pest control company is just what they do, but it isn’t always necessary. Professional pest control company intervention isn’t always necessary, but we will examine the pros and cons of each.

Image from https://www.pestrol.co.nz/blog/guide-to-rat-pests/
Image from https://www.pestrol.co.nz/blog/guide-to-rat-pests/

DIY Rodent Control

If you aren’t too squeamish, you can deal with getting rid of rodents on your own. This may be a bit messy at times, but if you have a heart of steel and don’t mind a bit of gore, you can do your own pest control. You can also opt for live traps if you don’t want to kill the rodents, but make sure you release them far away from your home or you may experience re-infestation.

You can Enjoy a Decent Cost Savings

If you decide to take care of rodent control yourself, you can save yourself quite a bit of money depending on the products that you purchase and use. You can obtain several different products at a fraction of the cost of a professional pest control company service. If one product is not effective, you can try another one until you find a product that deals with your issue. All the products that you purchase are still going to cost less than professional pest control work. If you are working on a budget, DIY options can work well for you.

Lots of Great Products to Choose From

Many new products have been developed over recent years and they all have a use when it comes to pest control. If you don’t like chemicals, you can choose a different option that is less harsh. Generally, these products are intuitive and have easy to follow instructions so that you can apply them or set them up on your own. The product manufacturer keeps the DIY person in mind and makes all the products that they manufacture user-friendly. Simple chemicals such as insect sprays and traps are designed for homeowners specifically. Newer and more effective products are always being developed, so it is a great idea to keep looking at those products to see which ones you might want to try.

Image from https://www.pestrol.co.nz/blog/humane-rat-traps-catch-and-release/
Image from https://www.pestrol.co.nz/blog/humane-rat-traps-catch-and-release/

Professional Rodent Control

Calling in the professionals is something that people do when they have no idea what they can do to deal with the issue. People that rely on professionals are often those that have tenants and can’t be at the property personally to deal with the issue on their own. Elderly people also tend to rely on professionals because they are unable to deal with rodents themselves.

Pest Control Companies are Expensive

Professional pest companies may be able to eliminate pests in a few hours, but they are going to charge you a cost that reflects that fast and thorough service. If you have a lot of rodents that you need to deal with, these companies usually work 24/7 but they are going to charge you for their response time, and you may not want to pay that much money for the service.

Pest Companies Tend to be Busy

You may need to make an appointment with a pest control company, depending on how busy they are. If you are dealing with an “emergency” then it may be fast and more convenient for you to DIY your pest control issues away.

Problem Pests

If your home has a particularly bad infestation of a certain type of pest such as termites, it may require a professional to deal with your issue. You want to be sure that the pests are gone, or it could mean that your home is in danger structurally. This is the time to get professional pest control help involved.

Possible Harm

Professional pest control companies tend to use very strong and harmful chemicals. They are trained to handle dangerous chemicals (and certified) and those same strength pest control products are not generally sold as DIY products because they require a safety course. If families have small children or pets, they may not want to have such harsh chemicals used in their home.

Full Treatment

One issue that the DIY person tends to run into is that they don’t do a very thorough treatment. They take one can of bug spray, for example, and spray it on one area. A professional pest control company will treat an entire home, often asking the homeowner to vacate for a day or two while they deal with the pest issue to avoid the homeowner being exposed to these dangerous chemicals. Professional pest control people are trained to look for “signs” of infestation of rodents and other pests. With rodents this means you need to regularly check for signs including droppings, chew marks and urine odours.

Out of Control

If a pest issue is completely out of control, it may be time to call in a professional pest control company. If you have tried several products and are not getting the results you had expected, or if you can’t seem to get ahead of the curve, this is the time to call for reinforcements.

The great news is that there are so many effective pest control products available on the DIY market that you can take care of many types of pest issues on your own. With rodents there are several great products that you can use that will get rid of these creatures and keep them away. You want to get a handle on a problem before it becomes an out of control infestation. Rodents can cause a lot of destruction to your home, including chewing electrical wiring and walls. You can handle the issue on your own if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and do some ground work. Don’t worry too much, you can totally get this done, it just takes the right products and some determination. You must treat the problem repeatedly until it is under control and you don’t see any more signs of rodents.



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