What Baby Accessories can do for Your Bubs

Remember those days when you could leave the house with just a couple of items? That’s all going to change with a baby in your home. Babies need a lot of accessories, some of them are for their care, others just for fun, but as a parent you are going to start seeing the cute factor in everything that you look at from now on. Here we review a few items that you really need for your baby!

· Jolly Jumper – this is a great item for babies under about 25 pounds. The unit is a small harness the clips onto the baby and then the unit is attached to a door frame. The door frame attachment has a long spring that allows the baby to bounce freely. Babies that cannot yet walk love this item because it helps them to get a little bit of exercise and once they realize that they can bounce hilarity will ensue.

· Jogging Stroller – just because your baby can’t walk doesn’t mean that you must stop running. The jogging stroller is available in many different types of models and is the ideal unit for those who like to get out for a run. Babies enjoy runs too, all that fresh air helps them to sleep well, so don’t be surprised if once you get outdoors your bubs passes out after just a few minutes.

· Baby Headbands – whether you have a special outfit for photos, or you just want to make your baby look a little more sophisticated, baby headbands are so adorable. They are best when you start putting them on your baby right from birth so that they get used to the feeling of having something on their head. There are so many different types of headbands that you can become addicted to them, with small turbans, large bows and headbands that tie on the top. Your baby will be accessorized to the max when you have a headband that coordinates with each special outfit that you have. Baby headbands are a low-cost item that make great and thoughtful gifts for any parent.

· Swaddling Bath Towels – don’t let baby get a chill, when they come out of the bathtub lay them in a special swaddling bath towel that has a pocket for the head. Once the baby’s head is placed into the pocket, you can wrap and swaddle them so that they are nice and warm. Perfect for snuggling after bath time when many small babies tend to get upset because they don’t like to have baths. That’s only because they haven’t learned how fun bath time can be just yet!

· Teething Rings – these are a must have item when baby starts to get their first few teeth in. You can get the type that has a gel inside and then place them into the freezer. The frozen part of the ring will help to sooth baby’s gums when they are throbbing. Experiment with several different types to see which one your baby likes the best.

· Diaper Bag – maybe you just carry a small bag with you when you go out, but a diaper bag is going to make your life so much easier. You can load it with all the items you normally use at home so that it is ready when you leave your home. The only thing you will need to add is snacks and meals for the time that you will be away from home.

· Monitor – baby monitors have come a long way since they were first put into use. You can purchase monitors that have special pads that go under baby’s crib sheet so that you can monitor their breathing patterns. Baby monitors are very handy for parents so that they can respond to their baby when they need to, especially when they are several bedrooms apart.

· Car Seat – this is an important part of having a baby in your life, the car seat is something that keeps your baby safe while riding in the car. The seat is available in different size capacities and will be rear-facing with smaller babies, and forward facing with larger babies. The car set is always installed in the rear seat of a vehicle, never in the front, due to airbags posing a danger and because the back seat is a much safer place for baby.

· Mealtime Set – you will want this type of special set up for your baby, with plastic bowls that can be sealed with a lid. Plastic is preferred because babies tend to throw or push things onto the floor from highchairs and this can mean breakages if you are using non-plastic dishes. Being able to put a lid on the bowl means that you can store it for later or take it out on the go.

· Slippers – slippers are a must for taking baby out anywhere. If they can be buttoned or zipped, even better. The main reason for this? Babies are notorious for pulling off their socks and then their feet get cold. Slippers ensure that baby’s feet stay warm no matter where you go. These cute little items are usually part of a set but they can also be purchased separately.

· Favourite blankie – everyone has a favourite blankie and it is always special. Choose super soft materials with a satin edging for the ultimate blanket that your baby will love. Note to parents: do yourself a huge favour and purchase several of the same blanket in case tragedy strikes and you lose the favourite blanket. You don’t want to experience the baby who won’t sleep without their favourite blanket.

Babies are something that change our lives. We want to take the best possible care of them and having all the right accessories is an important part of that. Start off with the things you absolutely must have and then get the things that you want. Once you start to add things into your baby accessories, you will see more things that you must add. Before you know it, you will have a massive collection of accessories for your bubs.


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